Amir Marcus

Composer | Producer

Who is Amir Marcus?

Amir Marcus is a musician, composer, producer, the founder of EXM Productions(Exlcusive Music Productions) and arranger with sensitive imagination and creativity. He has the ability to fit almost any style of music from Epic to Electronic music. His ability to combine all music styles makes his music extremely diverse and interesting

"All musicians can make music but not every musician can get people to connect to music. I try to make each production into something catchy and still maintain a high level musically".

Marcus had is breakthrough when he was 29 and has left a music "seal" following his musical production for the U.S. A&E channel television series "The Jacksons" – a reality TV series about the family and life of Michael Jackson.

The speed which Marcus works is surprising. He instantly knows in pre-production how a piece of music should be experienced.

"When I receive a text or a scene in a musical work, I just know what kind of music should be there. I just feel it. To make one person feel what you feel is easy; but to make everyone feel what you feel, this is my art"

In September 2015 Marcus released a full Epic album together with his current partner Stephan Fischer, "Inspired" was signed to PeerMusic and in the month of Novemeber "Inspired" was on the Top100 Soundtracks charts on Itunes Germany. Marcus also had two HMMA nominations on 2012 and 2015.

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